We are the 99%

We will be heard!

Organization Meeting

I was very happy to see all of you there today! Thank you! Together, we make change!
I was very encouraged by not only the turn out, but the excitement and dedication a lot of you showed. Im excited for the next meeting, and whats going to happen between now and then. Some things that were discussed:

Advertising needs: 

  • Better online social means
  • Fliers, and more fliers
  • Media coverage

Basic supply needs:

  • water
  • Food
  • Toilets
  • Shelter
  • Dish washing facilities
We DO need someone that can put together a ‘safety sheet’ or ‘survival guide’ for things like your rights in case you get arrested and safe protesting to avoid this. If anyone can do this, or knows where to get one that is already available, that would help!
We are waiting word to know if we have some funding to help all of this happen.
We have some people offering to put up fliers, but more are always welcome!
One of our biggest assets will be the people we know, and the hidden talents each of us has. Think about the things you have the ability to do. Good with computers? Maybe you could help figure out if we could do a live feed. Think of the things we have at easy reach.
Zeitgeist Regina is interested in this event. We are discussing the idea of a booth.
A speakers corner, information center (ish), possible indoor shelter for really bad
A list of things that would reasonably fit into a backpack as an advised list of
survival gear.
Side activities like ‘soup for the poor day’
Everyone should make at least TWO signs out of something. Use a box and make four! Try to use slogans as well as information, the things you believe canada needs to stand up for. And on that, some discussion should be had as a larger group as to what kind of answers are out there for whats going on with our way of life. Some of the list toppers include: 
  • housing affordability/rental rates
  • homelessness
  • minimum wage vs cost of living
  • bank abuse of funds
  • potash
  • privatized prisons
  • Student debt
The responses to this so far has been as varied as the people who answered!
URSU has been brought up, and is being looked into.
Sadly, I could not listen to every conversation, and I know there is a list of things I have failed to add in here. We got a lot done and discussed today. Again, thanks to all of you! More to come!
Next meeting held by me: Sunday night. Time to be clarified asap!Crystal