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Declaration of Solidarity

Declaration of Solidarity (2011-10-13)


Occupy Regina recognizes that the capitalist system has profited the few at the
expense of the many. We acknowledge that we stand on Treaty 4 territory. For the first time, we occupy this land, united as one People, standing in solidarity with:


Indigenous Peoples, Peoples of Color, women, LGBT2Q community, students, the homeless, the un and under employed, workers, the disabled, the elderly, migrants, immigrants & refugees, youth, future generations-yet unborn, and all people exploited by capitalism.


This is a call for harmonious co-existence, for respecting and healing our collective histories, and for the dismantling of those systems that perpetuate all forms of domination and injustice. We acknowledge our greatest enemy is division, and solidarity our greatest ally.


In Solidarity,
The 99%


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