We are the 99%

We will be heard!

A few words 2011-11-02

We hope that most people are starting to come to understand and realize that the #Occupy movement is a worldwide movement. It is a movement is still in its infancy but it is growing in numbers and in power around the world at a rate never seen before in history.


You have to realize that we are not alone. Occupiers are traveling across the country connecting the camps and we are building the largest organization of new age activists around the globe. We are standing up together against great odds and in the face of opposition from many sides.


We need to anticipate a steep learning curve as this movement begins the to move into new phases as the interconnection of the occupys around the world begins.


Just to let everyone know, we are in constant contact with occupys around the world and news is constantly flowing in. There are many great conversation flowing throughout the movement and we ask everyone to join in and add a few words.


We are not alone.


In solidarity,

The 99%


Peace and Love

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