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Occupy Regina Non-Violent Action Guide

Nonviolent Action Guideline from Occupy Regina:

For the purposes of building trust, a common foundation for safety, setting the tone for our action, participants of “Occupy Regina,” agree to the following:

1. All activities will be strictly nonviolent in action and tone. Our attitude will be one of openness and respect toward all people we encounter.

2. All participants of “Occupy Regina,” acknowledge and respect the participation of children and will work to provide a safe space for all participants.

3. At “Occupy Regina,” we ask that participants act according to the love and caring that we are building with each other. Individual or group actions that endanger the physical well-being of other demonstrators will not be tolerated. Generally, actions that might endanger the safety of others at the demonstration include:

a) physical violence directed against others, including the police, spectators and other “Occupy Regina” members

b) actions that cause panic such as running and throwing rocks

c) bringing weapons or anything that can be construed as a weapon to the demonstration site; weapons include but are not limited to: guns, knives, nail files, mace, letter openers, scissors, etc.

4. Participants should watch out for each others health and safety within reason. It is asked that people with first aid training identify themselves to organizers prior to or early on in the event, and that they bring their own supplies if possible.

5. Participants will not bring or use any alcohol or controlled substances. Any legal drugs brought or used will be for specific medicinal purposes only.

6. All participants freely accept the legal consequences of their actions. Understanding by participating at “Occupy Regina,” that there is a risk of arrest.

7. “Occupy Regina” acknowledges that while property destruction may be a useful tactic as practiced by other movements, it is not our intent to damage or make changes to the space.